Welcome to CelestialCoon. Home of the extra, super terrestrial awesomeness, living the good life in West Texas. We are a small home hobby breeder. Breeding is not my job, but what I love to do. We just want the rest of the world to have a piece of heaven in their homes. Our Maine Coons are family, and we would love to assist you in adding a new family member to yours. We are CFA and TICA registered.

About Me

I love Maine Coons because of their temperament and size. Their personalities are truly unique. Based of MY cats, they are very dog like. I have always been a big dog lover. In fact, I have German shepherd dogs, and Alaskan malamutes at home. My Maine Coons fit right in. They are gentle giants and I love how affectionate they are. I can tell when they are happy and when they are not. All of my cats are different in their own way but when it comes to showing love, they are all the same.

I preferred to import my cats from Europe because compared to the “American Maine Coon,” they appear larger in size and have the “wild look”. I love that appearance and that is what I choose to produce in my cattery. The well-defined square muzzle, very tall ears, the bushy lynx tips, and their wild look in general. This is my goal when it comes to their physical appearance. Temperament wise, they will be sound and of clear mind. I do not breed solely based off looks. I make sure that my kings and queens are healthy and genetically tested. I breed by studying the individual pedigree of each cat, and then pairing them up to produce the best cat possible. They will be loving, gentle giants that you can have around your whole family and will live long and healthy lives with you by their sides.

At CelestialCoon, we reserve the right to decline purchase if we feel it is NOT a suitable match for our kitten/cat or the potential client.