HCM, SMA, Pkdef

Every color of the Maine Coon is beautiful but I definitely have a soft spot for the blues. Loki is a solid blue(A) and was my very first cat. I was always a dog lover but this boy changed my whole perspective and began my fascination for the breed. He is an amazing boy. Although not always clingy but when he is, he will let you know by pushing his head into your palms. He is very calm and observes his surroundings. He loves water and will play in his water bowl until it’s empty. Let’s not mention his size. He is stocky. A Very big boy with an even bigger personality.

HCM, SMA, Pkdef-N/N

My black smoke (NS). This is my mama’s boy. From the first day he was delivered to me from Ukraine, he has never left my side. He is a true lover boy. He acts doglike. When I call him, he comes running and jumps on me purring the loudest. He is a very big boy. And at 10 months old, he is going on 18lbs. He is much taller and longer in statue. I cannot wait to see what he looks like fully matured.