VEROLINE Gonsior Line

Vero is a beautiful black silver tortie girl(FS22). She is a Russian import and has an amazing pedigree from the Gonsior Line cattery who breed some of the biggest cats I’ve seen. She has some shaded lines in her pedigree so she has very good quality silver and she will produce just that along with great tall ears.

Villagecoon SN Cessa (Celeste)
HCM, SMA, Pkdef- N/N

Black tortie smoke(FS). This girl came to me from Russia as well from an amazing breeder with other top breeders in her lineage. She has so much large cats in her lineage. I am hoping for that to pass on to her kids. She has surpassed all of my expectations. She is clear on all genetic tests and is just an amazing girl all around. Her muzzle and profile is so impressive. She’s not much of a cuddle bug but there is no morning that goes by that I don’t wake up with her in my bed purring next to me. After she gets her morning rubs, she’s off to get into mischief. Laying in my kitchen counters knowing very well that she shouldn’t be on there.

Ulyssia of Ethereal (Nova)
HCM, SMA, Pkdef-N/N

Nova is my white girl with green eyes. She comes from another top cattery in Russia. I had always wanted a kitten from that particular breeder, and I am thankful for this opportunity to have this girl. She is an amazing girl. Her temperament is just perfect. She is a long girl in statue with an amazing tail as well. All she wants to do is be loved. She follows me everywhere I go. Her beauty alone is just amazing. I could stare at her all day.

HCM, SMA, Pkdef-N/N

Umbra is my black tortie smoke (FS). She is my shy and feisty girl. She is the boss of the house even to the boys. She is a sweetheart, loves to watch from a distance but once she hears that can of food pop open, she is the first one in line. Everyday that goes by, her silver comes out even more and her beauty radiates.

Eliana-Soleil Britlling

Soleil is my sunshine. She looks just like an African lioness. She is my first red and I must say I have fallen in love with her and her colors. She is a red silver ticked with white(DS 09 25). She comes from Belarus and she has met all of my expectations from her sweet loving temperament, to her strong muzzle and tall ears. She has chosen me as her person and she is truly a love bug.

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